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Family Begins with Love


Making the decision to start a family is a very exciting time for future parents. Before you begin this life-changing journey, leave no doubt that you are prepared and everything is in order. Robyn Harrod, MSW, LCSW, is renowned in southern California, for her attentive family building services.

Individual, Couples, & Family Therapy

In a safe and supportive environment, Robyn works with individuals and couples needing assistance with pre-family planning and working through grief and loss issues due to infertility.  She specializes in working with the LGBT community, helping them navigate the family building process. Robyn's vast experience working with families and youth make her a natural "go to" person for family therapy and parenting support.

Third Party Reproduction

After 20 years working in the field of adoption Robyn has expanded her practice to include working with families using assisted reproduction methods to form their families. She does Gestational Surrogate and/or Egg Donor Screenings and Intended Parent Consultations.

Adoption Service Provider

It is mandated in California that a parent making an adoption plan for their child (born or unborn) must have a minimum of two counseling sessions with a registered Adoption Service Provider. Robyn's role is to ensure parents understand their rights, know their options, and have someone as their advocate. Her ongoing support and counseling to birth parents is individualized to the needs of every client.

Education & Support

There are many ways for prospective parents to form a family. For those who are not aware of all the options, Robyn reviews with you each one available and shows full support as you determine which choice is best for your family. Some of these options include foster care, adoption, surrogacy, alternative insemination and sperm and egg donation.

Case Consulting & Curriculum Training

Robyn offers consultation for therapists working with adoptees, birth or adoptive parents, and families formed in non-traditional ways. She also helps in developing and facilitating training for social workers, therapists, and support staff, on how to successfully work with LGBT youth and families.


Robyn's capabilities include more than 10 years of experience supervising associate social workers and MFT interns acquiring the necessary hours to obtain their licensure. Depending on your needs, she is available for individual or group supervision.


Robyn has served as consultant for filmmakers, authors, and television shows, like Six Feet Under, to help develop adoption storylines. Additionally, she has appeared on various reality shows as an Adoption Social Worker, to educate people about the different ways to adopt.