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Family Begins with Love


"Robyn's vast knowledge of the ins and outs of family support services, together with her big heart, has made her our go-to expert for any advice we need as parents. Thirteen years ago, Robyn walked through our front door to counsel us on the process of forming a family. She has guided us now through three adoptions as well as numerous mini and major crises. Her presence brings comfort to us two dads and our children look to her almost as a family member. She has made our journey through parenthood significantly easier."

—Michael W. and Roger S.

"Robyn is a very helpful and caring person. She, for sure, held our hands through the process, being very knowledgeable in her field.We have our family now and we are grateful to her for making our dream come true."
—Phil, Izabela, Chloe, and Cindy G.

"I met Robyn Harrod five years ago when I began the foster/adopt process. I was nervous and full of questions about what I was embarking on and Robyn was there for me throughout the whole process and continues to be today. She is always available to inform, answer questions, or just offer encouragement. There are several times she has gone above and beyond to do all she could to help me. Not only is she an utmost professional and extremely knowledgeable about adoption and family formation, but she is also a very compassionate and kind person. It's clear she is doing the work that is closest to her heart. Robyn has helped bring so much joy to so many families-all types of families-and speaking as one of them, I'm very grateful."
—Evan N.

"As an adoption attorney, I have had the privilege of working with Robyn Harrod on many dependency and independent adoptions over the past few decades. Robyn is an outstanding example of what a social worker should be. She is extremely knowledgeable in the field of dependency and adoptions, has a well-earned excellent reputation, and is completely professional and caring to those she helps."
—Felice W.

"In Robyn, we found the perfect person to help guide us through the world of foster/adoption. Robyn has a wonderful balance of kindness, empathy, and openness alongside the knowledge, diligence, and persistence it takes to navigate the government agencies and current laws. Also, as a gay couple we always felt welcome, knowing that she provides support for anyone that is interested in family building, regardless of who they are, what they look like, or whom they love. Communicative, passionate, and highly informed, Robyn is the best fit for anyone interested in bringing a wonderful child (or children!) into their lives."

—Jamie H. and Alec M.