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Individual &
Couples Therapy

In a safe and accepting space, I offer individuals and couples a place to explore their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. By expressing your emotions and receiving non-judgmental feedback, new insights can develop, and new tools can be learned to navigate your life and relationships more effectively. During couples therapy, building communication skills and cultivating intimacy are often goals towards enjoying a more satisfying relationship.

Child & Adolescent Therapy

My work with children and adolescents center around the areas of a) exploring gender identity and b) being raised by parents who used alternative ways to have children. I work with children and families through individual and/or family therapy, dealing with issues that may arise as children get older and have questions about who they are and where they come from.


My experience working within the adoption community spans close to 30 years. I work with all members of the adoption triad: adoptees, birth/first parents, and adoptive parents. Each individual brings their own hopes and fears to the process,  which can impact the adoption journey in many different ways. I strive to make it the most comfortable and affirming for everyone. I provide psychoeducation on raising foster and adopted children and children conceived through third party reproduction. 

Adoption Service

An Adoption Service Provider (ASP) is a licensed individual who advises a birth parent when the birth parent is considering the placement of their child for an independent adoption. In my role as an ASP, I offer compassionate and ethical counseling services to birth parents considering adoption for their baby. As the birth parents’ advocate, I provide informed guidance regarding their rights and choices in the adoption process, to ensure their thorough understanding of the
choices they are making.

Third Party Reproduction Counseling & Assessments

One of my specialties is in infertility and third-party reproductive counseling. I am passionate about helping people cope with the challenges of infertility, pregnancy loss, and assisted reproduction. I help clients work through the difficult emotions that infertility provokes so they can move forward and think about next steps. I perform comprehensive assessments for surrogates, egg, sperm, and embryo 
donors, and intended parents. I facilitate meetings between donors or surrogates  and intended parents, as well as between known donors and recipients.

Family Building

The decision to start a family through alternative means can significantly impact a person’s life and entire way of living. I strive to help alleviate some of the anxiety and stress involved with such an emotional decision. My goal is to help individuals and couples explore alternative family building options, including assisted reproduction (surrogacy, egg, sperm, or embryo donation), adoption, foster care, or child free living.

LQBTQAI+ Support

For over 25 years I have been assisting the LGBTQAI+ community navigate the family building process. In an accepting and encouraging space, I help families work through the anxieties of
becoming a parent and decide on the best options for their family.

Gender Identity Support

I provide counseling and support to transgender and non-binary children, adolescents, and adults, with the intention of helping them accept and find joy in living their lives as their authentic selves. I work closely with parents helping them understand gender dysphoria and how this affects the well-being of their loved ones. In providing a safe space for parents, caregivers, and partners of trans and non-binary people to explore their deeply held beliefs about gender, I hope to lead them to a place of love and acceptance.

Consultation & Supervision

I provide comprehensive support to foster family and adoption agencies, contributing to program development, including the formulation of policies, procedures, program statements, and accreditation standards.​ I also provide case consultation to professionals in the field and supervision to MSW/MFT interns working towards their clinical hours for licensure.

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